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Welcome to the Take Your Pet competition section.

Feel free to browse, and if you'd like to enter a competition please log in or register with us. It'll only take a minute and it's absolutely free.

The judges

Take Your Pet MD and Founder Jo Summers (who has two retired greyhounds) will be joined by Take Your Pet researchers Caroline (who loves horses and her parents' new kitten) and Julie (who has looked after dogs, birds, rats, toads, rabbits, tropical fish, terrapins, hamsters and other small fluffy pets).

The small print

Please see our website for our Terms of Use of our website including our Privacy Policy . As you'd expect, the judges' decision on winning entries is final, so there's no point complaining to us if you don't win! We'll be as fair as we possibly can so it's not worth trying to bribe us (shame really!).