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Like you, we're pet mad. And there's nothing worse than having to leave your pet behind when you go somewhere. So we've set up to help all you animal lovers travel, with your animals, in the UK, Channel Islands and the Isle of Man*.

Pet-friendly accomodation

We've found pet-friendly hotels, B&Bs;, self-catering cottages, caravans and campsites. We've found places you can stay with your dog, cat, rabbit, ferret/other small furry pet or your parrot! We've listed places where you and your horse are welcome. So far we haven't found anywhere that will let your horse stay in the room with you, but the stables or paddocks are onsite so we reckon that's horse-friendly enough!

We've asked each establishment that we've listed for their pet policy. Like you, we want to know if they charge extra for your pet to stay, whether there's a maximum number or size of pet and what kind of restrictions apply. Some of the 'dog friendly' places we've found insist that your dog sleeps each night in your car. Others are more than happy for your doggy friends to be in the room (perhaps not on the bed) with you. We've even found hotels that give your four-legged friends a free gift.

Pet & Vets

We've looked for pet shops and vets so you can always find the nearest supplies or where to go in an emergency. We've listed local dog-walkers, cat sitters, kennels and catteries, just in case you need help when you're on your travels. We've contacted local attractions to find out whether your dog(s) can visit with you.

Pet-related info guides

Finally, we've included guides on travel-related issues, like pet passports, pet insurance, vet services, chipping, travelling by train and dog-friendly beaches. If you have a burning desire for info on a particular topic, and think we should do a guide, just let us know.

Of course, we're only human so we're bound to have missed something. Just send us an email to let us know. There are prizes for our best helpers. If you give us at least 10 pet-friendly things to list (that we didn't already have) we'll send you a thank you gift!

And if you run pet-friendly accommodation, a pet shop, you're a vet or dog walker etc. etc. click here for your FREE listing [link to form to complete]. We may contact you to see if you'd like to advertise with us too, but your basic listing is totally free!

* We have visions of world domination, of course, but we had to start somewhere. We'll start on Ireland next, then mainland Europe. Then the World...