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Info Guides

Our pet Info Guides are there to help you understand better your pets and pet-related issues, from advice about dogs and hotels to vets and pet insurance. If there's a topic we've not covered and you'd like to see, please contact us.

Hotels and Dogs

The Good

In all my experience of this business, I have never received a complaint about a dog slamming bedroom doors late at night, talking loudly in the corridors or driving away noisily from the car park when other guests are trying to sleep. Never has a dog made cigarette burns on the carpets, furniture or in the bath. No dog has ever stolen my towel, sheets or ashtrays. No cheque written by a dog has ever bounced and no dog has ever tried to pay with a stolen credit card. Never has a dog insulted my waiters or complained about our food or wine. Neither have we ever had a dog that was drunk. In short you are welcome whenever you wish to come to this hotel and if you can vouch for your master, you are welcome to bring him too.  

The Bad

Until recently we have always accepted pets with no problems at all... in the last six months we have had two cases of damage to our rooms through some of our guests not controlling their dogs.  This makes us really sad as we have been in business since 1990 before here and we have always taken pets with no problems.  We hope that our guests with pets will understand that if your furry friend causes a mess that leaves us out of pocket we will have to charge for it.  The cleaning bill for the sofa for the two dogs who were allowed to sleep and walk over it with muddy paws was £75.

The Ugly

We had a policy to accept only well behaved dogs in our hotel and the guests to be responsible for any damage to the rooms i.e. carpets, wallpaper, duvet etc. but it didn't work as we had people who didn't comply with these restrictions. They messed us around completely and we had to close rooms for about 3 days until we managed to clean everything, therefore we had to take the decision not to take any more pets in the hotel.

These are quotes from hotels we contacted to get their pet policies. Take Your Pet Ltd December 2008.

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