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Does your pet whistle for his supper? - 13/05/2009

Pets have developed lots of ways to tell us it's time for their food.   But does your pet whistle when it's dinnertime?

Imagine the reaction at Heidelberg Zoo in Germany when Ujian, the orang-utan, learnt to whistle for his supper.  Apparently the guy who delivered Ujian's fruit & veg was a bit of a whistler, so Ujian started to copy him. 

Now Ujian's released a CD, described as a 'jaunty pop-rock number with reggae elements'.  If it's a hit, expect the royalties to pay for more fruit & veg for hungry Ujian!

Does your pet have a strange or amusing way of telling you he or she is hungry?  Tell us all about it!  Email us at and we'll share the funniest stories.